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DesignGeek is Now Part of the Creative Publishing Network

February 25, 2014 - 3:18pm ||| 0 Comments | Add new

We’re pleased to announce that DesignGeek is now part of the Creative Publishing Network! That means our sister sites include:

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DesignGeek-y Events You Need to Be At

March 23, 2011 - 11:24am ||| 1 Comment | Add new

2011 Print & ePublishing Conference
Early Bird deadline: April 8
(Group discounts and Education discounts, too)
May 23 - 25, Washington, DC
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InDesign to EPUB, Kindle, and the iPad

March 23, 2011 - 11:22am ||| 20 Comments | Add new

Do you ever wonder (or are you currently struggling with) how you can convert your trade books, journals, whitepapers, instruction manuals and such from a “designed for print/PDF” InDesign format to a digital eBook for the iPad bookstore, the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and other devices?  Then I think you’ll love this.
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Acrobat X (v10) Rants and Tips

January 6, 2011 - 11:58am ||| 28 Comments | Add new

My latest title for the the online video tutorial company,, covers the newly-released Acrobat Pro “X” (meaning “10”). Be sure and pronounce it “ten” otherwise Adobe people are authorized to slap you.

Acrobat X Essential Training
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2011 Print & ePublishing Conference in DC

January 6, 2011 - 11:50am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

What are you doing the week before Memorial Day this year? I hope you’ll be joining me in the conference that I not only speak at, but co-produce (with my partner, David Blatner), the Print & ePublishing Conference.  You may remember that we did our first one back in May of 2010, at the Adobe headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was a ton of fun and a great success with over 200 people in attendance. The majority of attendees and members voted for Washington, DC, to be the next location for the conference, and we aim to please!
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A Few Great Upcoming Events & Deep Discounts

August 18, 2010 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

I want you to know about upcoming seminars and webinars I’ll be doing or that I’m involved with, covering InDesign, Acrobat/PDF, and other goodies.

InDesignSecretsLive! Seminars

David Blatner (my partner in and I have been enjoying doing one-day traveling seminars on InDesign around the country for the past year, with the main topic being “Tips and Techniques for Getting the Most Out of InDesign.”  We even made a web site just for our live events, with a page devoted to the traveling seminars:

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Taking this baby for a test run

July 29, 2009 - 10:10pm ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Hi people …

Pardon my dust, I'm making this site go live even though it's not quite ready for prime time!

We'll be working on this site during the month of August. For now, all that's here are the articles from the past issues of DesignGeek, my e-zine.  Click the categories on the left to see the articles.

Thanks, more to come soon!

Pick-and-Place XML for Catalog Production

June 11, 2009 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

A few months ago my friends at Coe-Truman Technologies (a bunch of database/XML publishing brainiacs) in Chicago invited me over to take a peek at a new InDesign plug-in they were about to offer to their customers. My jaw dropped, it was one of the coolest things ever … and this from a company who is not really that into InDesign! They come at it from the other end. Coe-Truman helps clients's marketing departments create, manage, and publish their databases to the web and to print, instead of fighting with IT over it. That web-based software is called Catapult Manage:more >

InDesign Troubleshooting and Repair

May 14, 2009 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

This is coming up quickly, so I wanted to lead off with this news.

InDesign Troubleshooting and Repair
A one-hour webinar
May 21, 2009 10:00a ˆ 11:00a PST
*Early bird pricing ends midnight Friday, May 15*

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Follow Me on Twitter

February 5, 2009 - 3:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Yes, I'm a twittering fool. If you'd like to follow my occasional tweets, follow me:

If you're an InDesign user, I also contribute to the Twitter feed. I and my fellow blog contributors post InDesign tips that we can fit into Twitter's 140 character limit, including our initials in brackets at the end.

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