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Lock QuarkXPress Master Pages

August 31, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

QuarkXPress 6.x, as in previous versions, allows you to edit Master Page items right on the document pages themselves. In fact, unless you've memorized the make-up of the Master that the page is based on, there's no easy way to tell which items on a page are from its Master and which are "local" items you added to it outside of the Master. If you're working on a document page and choose Edit -> Select All, all items on the page are selected, including Master Page items. Press Delete/Backspace and poof! they're gone.

Sometimes, though, it would be nice to make it a little harder to modify Master Page items. Perhaps you've developed a template for freelancers, for example, and you don't want them accidentally editing your fine-tuned Master Page artwork and folios. Or maybe you'd like to be able to "Select All" on a document page and have Quark select everything *except* Master Page items, automatically.

With the advent of layers that can truly lock in QuarkXPress 6.x, you can do just that. Here's how:more >

Editorium: DesignGeek for Editors

July 26, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

The InDesign listserv and forums have had a lot of discussion recently about importing Microsoft Word files and their attendant style-sheet/local formatting problems. When I went to the InDesign Conference in Boston a couple weeks ago, the same topic came up in various sessions. On the Quark listserv and forums it's a perennial topic as well.

If only Word users had some inkling of how to apply (or not apply) text formatting correctly, we page layout people wouldn't have to spend hours fixing their files…that's the general gist. And oh, how true it is! (I can feel the earth shift a little as hundreds of you read this and nod your heads in commiseration.)

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Why Photoshop PDFs Rule

July 7, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 4 Comments | Add new

Most designers are aware that for the past few years, Photoshop has had the ability to keep track of vector data (crisp PostScript paths for live text and shapes) as well as raster data (pixels from regular paint layers) in the same file. When you print your layered .psd file from Photoshop, it sends the vector info along with the raster info to your printer, resulting in sharp type even at very small sizes.

Did you know the same thing is true of Photoshop PDFs? Even after being being imported into another program and printed/exported from there?

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Quark Lowers Prices

July 7, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Now, don’t get too excited, the SRP for QuarkXPress 6.X is still $1,045.00 (USD).

But they’ve lowered their price in two specific areas: Dual licensing and Educational discounts.

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Favorite InDesign Student Tips

June 16, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 1 Comment | Add new

When I'm in the middle of a software training session, I love how student's questions about and experiments with neglected corners of the program often lead to new discoveries.

I've been doing a lot of InDesign training lately. Here are a few of my favorites tiplets discovered by students during these sessions:

Change the Default Font

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Quark Forums Re-Open

June 16, 2004 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

A couple weeks ago Quark opened its online user support forums again, after being AWOL for almost a year:

It's a user-to-user sort of support forum, not a venue to get support from Quark reps themselves. Nice to see it back. (Though I hope someone at Quark sets up some topic subcategories asap; it's a little difficult to use in its current, default phpBBB state.)

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Quark 6.1 Projects vs. Layouts

May 27, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

The first concept new Quark 6.1 users need to get their heads around is this program's unique (as far as I know) ability to combine multiple client projects in one file.

The file that you create in 6.1 by going to "File -> New" is called a Project (a project can contain multiple projects?) which doesn't help. :-)

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Quark Listserv Moves to a New Address

May 12, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

I've mentioned the Quark listserv (e-mail discussion group) a number of times in DesignGeek. With the demise of Quark's own online user support forum last summer, it's the only game in town.

After umpteen years of being hosted at Indiana University, the "listmom" was moving on to different pastures and announced in March that the list would soon shut down if no one else could take over hosting duties.

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Centering Yourself

April 26, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

The need to center something on page is so common, you'd think design software would have a command for it. But most don't.

Sure, there's usually an Align palette or command hidden someplace, with a Center Align option, but that's for aligning two or more things you've created; not for aligning one thing with the page itself.

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Excel Tables in Quark 6.1

March 24, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

So I installed the QuarkXPress 6.1 update recently…

…and then spent a few fruitless minutes in the "Get" dialog trying to import an Excel file as a table, one of the new features of this update.

I found the wily wascal hiding in the Table Properties dialog. Here's how to do it, along with some tips on how to work with Excel tables after you've got them in there:

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