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You might recall that early this year I started a monthly column on called "HerGeekness Says." I've struggled to maintain that monthly committment, and succeeded … more or less. Okay, less. Like DesignGeek, it was an occasional unfortunate victim of my overbooked schedule.

Still, I was able to post some quite useful articles, I think; covering Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, video, print, and more. You can access links to them all on my author's page on their site:

My articles

(Can you tell I'm addicted to's recent ability to customize URLs? Love it.)

Here's something cool: The editor and her staff recently went through all the articles posted to the site in 2008 to discover the top ten … the ten stories that had the most page views.

And guess what, I won! ;-) And wouldn't you know, it was the article I wrote on Microsoft Word that took the prize. LOL.

Converting Custom Letterhead to Word Templates's feature about the 2008 Top Ten Stories, with links to each one, appears here:

And a grateful tip-o-the-hat to Terri Stone, editor in chief (and ditto for InDesign Magazine), the world's gift to authors. Thanks, Terri!


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