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One of the reasons I have a Referral Details and a Comments field on my DesignGeek subscription form is because people often regale me of the circuitous route they took to find the newsletter.  Here’s a good one that just came in:

Referral_details: adobe help didn’t help, but you did. i googled my problem and found you. you are AWESOME

Comments: all i needed to do was add some text to a pdf. Adobe help page was no help at all, only suggesting typewriter tool which didn’t let me choose special size and color. I googled “how to add text to pdfs” and luckily found you. I hope you know just how helpful you are!

Wasn’t that great? It’s from a university’s Creative Director. 

It’s great motivation for me to get this dang ezine started up again!


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1 August 19, 2010 - 1:11pm by katenotypefast:

well um yeah!

2 August 26, 2010 - 2:51pm by LeAnn (not verified):

Anne-Marie~ question for you about Acrobat 9. I am a member of and did some searches but wasnt successful there so bounced here to you! goal: setting up writeable pdf.s for my medical offices. Desire to have “hot” keys for some symbols they routinely use. degree symbol for example. I have done it in word but it doesnt “stick” once I am in acrobat. Possible?
appreciate a response!

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