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It's so very cool that InDesign has an unlimited number of Undo's. Until you need to use them.

The problem is you can only Undo one step at a time — there's no History palette, thus, no way to click on a 'state" ten or twenty steps back. Just gotta keep on pressing that old friend, Command/Ctrl-Z, over and over again till you arrive at the point right before you screwed something up.

You can get a bit more control if you don't mind using the menu command, Edit->Undo, instead of the keyboard shortcut. The Edit menu tells you which action is on the chopping block: Undo Typing, Undo Scale, Undo Deletion of a Mess of Pages You Shouldn't Have Trashed You Imbecile, Undo Typing, like that.

65bit Software, an InDesign software developer from the UK, leveraged the program's internal tracking and turned it into a *free* plug-in called MultiDo. It's been available since January for InDesign v2.X, but they recently upgraded it to work with InDesign CS. Both versions, in Mac and Windows permutations, can be downloaded here:

MultiDo adds two dropdown menus to the Edit menu: Undo Multiple and Redo Multiple. They slip nicely into place directly below InDesign's regular Undo and Redo menu items.

Each of MultiDo's menus lists up to 100 of your undoable/redoable actions, the same information that InDesign already knows about, and would tell you eventually if you chose Edit->Undo over and over. The cool thing is that because of the menus, you can simply choose an action that's 10, 20 or 76 steps back, instead of having to click the keyboard shortcuts that many times. Muchisimas gracias, 65bit.

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