Google Secrets for Site Owners

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If you've got your own web site, or you're a site designer, you've probably already tried Googling your or your client's site on Google, the most popular search engine. That is, you've entered your domain name or keywords that relate to your service in the search term field to see what comes up.

Not sure if Google's indexed all the pages in your site? Try entering this in the Search Term field:

… of course, replace "" with your own domain name. You don't need the http:// part.

You'll probably see a page containing a couple links to your site followed by the message, "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the ones already displayed."

No matter. Just look at the Results Number that appears upper right … it tells you how many pages of your site Google has indexed into its database.

You can use Google's search field to get a feeling for your site's "Link Popularity" too.

Link popularity — the number of other sites that contain a link to your site — is one of the top factors in increasing your site's search engine ranking, moving you from number 8,569 in the list of Search Results to number 20 or even number 1.

The theory behind link popularity is that if other sites link to yours, yours must be pretty good. If a lot of sites link to yours, especially top-ranked sites in your own industry, then yours must be great!

And since users judge search sites by how many "great" sites for a given search term are presented on that first page or two — everyone's in such a hurry — the companies running the search sites will rank your site partly on its link popularity.

To find out how many sites link to your site or a client site you created, go to Google and enter this in the search field:

You could also enter deeper links ( if you like, to filter the results.

I talked about these and other tips for gauging and increasing your online marketing success at a recent seminar I gave for the Chicago Creative Coalition, "Finding Clients: Marketing Your Creative Services Online"

The seminar broke C3's attendance records, and one month later I'm still being contacted by attendees asking for advice on their sites's search engine-friendliness. You can read the seminar story and see pictures of the event in C3's March 2004 newsletter, a free PDF download:

I'll be reprising the seminar, updated with new information, at the upcoming Mac Design Conference and Expo in Chicago, June 2-4. Learn about the conference here:

(Note: At the time I'm writing this, the Conference sessions page still shows last year's speakers and topics. It will give you an idea of what the conference is all about, though. And they're taking registrations for 2004 now on the site.)


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