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Multiple layouts, transparency support, embedded vectors, PDF workflows … whatever the newest bell or whistle or workflow paradigm may be, it all comes down to PostScript in the end.

If you've ever wondered what those cryptic error messages mean ("dictstackunderflow" ???) when Distiller balks, or when you open a flaky EPS in Illustrator, or that your printer spits out at you, here's a great reference:

About PostScript Errors

(Courtesy of Quite Software, developers of PDF utilities Quite Imposing and Quite a Box of Tricks.)

Not only does it include background information, but it lists a number of common errors and what they mean, giving you a clue as to how to fix them.

And on that same topic, one of the best books on PostScript is out of print, but the author has made it available free for the downloading as a PDF document:

Thinking in PostScript, by Glenn Reid (Addison-Wesley)

(Click on the link "Books" at the top of the page, then scroll down when you get there.)


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1 July 23, 2011 - 2:17am by Laurens (not verified): is another good starting point to find solutions to PostScript errors. A full list of all the possible messages you might get can be found at

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