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[Reprising a story from the last issue, in case you missed it. The Conference is this Tuesday, 7/13/04. —AM]

If you work in the design/publishing field, use any Adobe software product, and are within spitting distance of Chicago, this conference is for you. Even if you're not blessed to work/live on the "best coast," pay attention, because the conference may be hitting a town by you in the future.

Adobe is debuting their first "Partners in Publishing" Conference and Expo in Chicago from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13, 2004, and you're all invited at no charge, though you do have to sign up.

Official details, full agenda and attendee registration:

Good News
Did I say it's free? Including a complimentary lunch for attendees? And they're giving away prizes. Also, oh yeah, you can learn something about Adobe software; there's some great seminars (details below).

Plus when the seminars get boring, you can check out all the new, cool plug-ins, add-ons and support services for the Adobe Creative Suite software because local and national "partners," including yours truly, will be set up at tables in the expo hall.

Best News
This is not your typical Adobe marketing event, where "seminars" are actually local reps running through the software. (Hey, I love those guys, they're entertaining and they know their stuff, but if I have to see Nested Styles demo'd with that same old brochure one more time, I'll keel over.)

Instead, speakers will be actual end users — people from Land's End, Quarasan, Young & Rubicam and others — telling it like it really is, as well as "industry pundits" who seldom make it over to our neck of the woods.

Check out these seminars:

— Russ Brown, one of the original developers of Photoshop, and currently Adobe Creative Director (okay I guess you could call him a rep), will do a seminar called "Adobe Photoshop CS: The Russell Brown Power Hour." I've heard him speak before and can assure you that *this seminar alone* is reason enough to attend the conference.

— Lynda Weinman of and the H.O.T. training videos is presenting "From Print to Web with GoLive CS." I have every one of her Designing Web Graphics books. I thought she was a Dreamweaver gal, so it'll be interesting hearing what she has to say about my favorite web authoring program.

— Mordy Golding, past Illustrator product manager and current author and pre-press consultant, is doing a seminar called "Hidden Secrets of Illustrator CS." I plan on madly scribbling down the best of these for future DesignGeek issues, hope that's okay with you Mordy. (He's also a DesignGeek subscriber.) I love how the home page of Mordy's web site,, cautions: "This site best viewed with a computer."

— Me! That's right, Anne-Marie "HerGeekness" Concepcion will be doing the presentation on InDesign CS, "Moving to InDesign: Tips and Techniques from the Trenches." I'll cover the topic from the perspective of a designer and studio manager, and my co-presenter, James Wamser from Sells Printing in Milwaukee, WI will follow up with a commercial printer's perspective.

Urgent News
They're saying that space is limited, so be sure to register for the event asap. I know, I know, they always say that, but from what I saw at the recent Mac Design Conference (which was mobbed), also held in Chicago, graphic industry pros in the midwest jump on opportunities like this. Hope they're shipping in enough ribs and bratwurst for the lunch.

So you don't have to scroll, here's the agenda/registration link again:


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