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An "alert reader" (apologies to Dave Barry) e-mailed me a few days ago about an out-of-date link on my Managing OS X Fonts resources page on my web site:

He said that the link I titled "World's Best Forum Post: How to Prune Unnecessary OS X Fonts," which I found last year on an Apple Discussions board, had been updated by the author with info on Tiger and moved to a new location on Apple's web site.

I went to the new URL he sent me (wait for it, it's coming) and boy, was it worth it! The post is beefed up with detailed, comprehensive, information on basically any OS X font question you've ever had. I was suffering my own font problems (from adding two new iMacs and a doing a mass upgrade to Tiger about a month ago), and the info here solved it all.

The intro says, "This post deals with font usage in OS X Tiger 10.4.x and Panther 10.3.x. Its main purpose is to show you where fonts are located on your system and which can be removed. The idea being to keep your fonts as lean as possible and to avoid font conflicts. These issues would benefit prepress operators the most, but can clear up font issues for most users."

I was curious about the author of the post and clicked on his profile. Was it an Apple software engineer? A well-known author of some sort of OS X troubleshooting book or web site?

Nope … author Kurt Lang is a regular working stiff. He runs his own color-retouching business, JKL Studios ( in White Bear Lake, Minnesota . Just one of those kinds of people who voluntarily take the time to research and write up (and update!) helpful forum posts for the benefit of their colleagues.

There is a special room in heaven for people like this, full of 30" LCD monitors and supercomputers, with angelic masseurs who rub the carpal tunnel out of their wrists and drop tiny, perfect sweetmeats into their mouths while a hovering chorus sings their praises in the musical style of their choice.

Oh, right, the URL.

Font Management in Mac OS X Tiger and Panther


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