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Re-hi! DesignGeek is (back) on the air!

It’s amazing to me that although I have not been able to get a DesignGeek issue out the door for months, I still get new subscriptions every single day, many with wonderfully funny or heartfelt notes in the form’s comments field (that of course I force my assistant Sherri to listen to while I read them aloud). And all you existing subscribers who have emailed me with concerns for my health (no worries!) and for DesignGeek’s health … as I replied to you, yes, it’s coming! It’s coming! So here it is.

I never meant to stop publishing DesignGeek, really.  Let’s think of it as going on a long sabbatical. ;-)

Now that DOESN’T mean I’ve withdrawn from society or anything. Seven years ago, when I started DesignGeek, an e-mailed newsletter was the only way I could regularly share all the cool tips and tricks I came across.

These days, I’m constantly sharing the same type of info via my blog posts, podcasts, Twitter feeds, and Facebook fan pages; in addition to video titles I author, and the presentations I do for the webinars, traveling seminars, and the first-ever Print & ePublishing Conference that David Blatner and I put on earlier this year.

If you haven’t been “following” me in once sense or another via any of these venues, I’m SHOCKED I tell you, SHOCKED. :-)  Sometimes I feel more ubiquitous than Blago. For you, I’ve added a few links to the bottom of this e-mail (my Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, blogs, latest Lynda titles, etc.), please choose a few to keep in touch!

And yet … I still feel this siren call of DesignGeek, and the laments of Sherri, David, Terri, Ian, Ardath, Nicky, and other near and dear friends that they’re jones-ing for more DG.  It remains my favorite way to just talk about what interests me that I think will interest you.

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