Potpourri Issue: What Does She Mean by Potpourri Issue?

March 25, 2008 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Tidbits, Neat Tools, News and Reader Feedback
covering x-Scope, textbook publishing, HyperCard, HerGeekness column,
iPhone simulator, lightbeam brushes, Parallels, flattening script,
blogs I read,
and fair use

Every day as I read through e-mail and surf the web I come across story ideas for DesignGeek. These get duly bookmarked in a special file on my computer. Added to this folder are brief text files I write to myself throughout the week, summarizing other story ideas like interesting client problems (and their solutions), events or new ventures I'll be doing, and so on. As time passes, this slush pile of things I want to tell you about grows ever-longer, and I know I'll never get to them all.

So once in a while I go through the full list and pull together an issue of short blurbs, introducing the best of these for you to explore on your own, and clearing out the folder in the process.



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