Quark Coughs up a Real Tryout

July 27, 2006 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Lost in the confusion about multiple betas of QuarkXPress v7 released one right after the other (if it's Tuesday, this must be a Quark beta — obscure old movie reference, sorry kids) is the news that they've done something NEW with their free tryout version.

In the past, I've always distinguished Adobe free tryouts from Quark's with this rule of thumb: Adobe tryouts are full-featured programs that expire in 30 days; Quark tryouts never expire but they're hobbled — you can't Print or Save from them.

Starting with QuarkXPress 7, that's no longer true. The Windows and Mac tryouts of Quark 7 are like Adobe's now. They're fully-enabled but they expire in 30 days — I think that's the better approach.

The best approach, of course, would be if they were fully enabled and *never* expired. ;-) Oh wait, they already have that … it's the one they sell.

QuarkXPress 7 Evaluation Software


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