Quark Lowers Prices

July 7, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Now, don’t get too excited, the SRP for QuarkXPress 6.X is still $1,045.00 (USD).

But they’ve lowered their price in two specific areas: Dual licensing and Educational discounts.

Regarding dual licensing: It’s now free. Can’t get any lower than that. You can get two activation codes, one for your main computer, another for, say, your laptop. They can’t be run concurrently. Quark’s new policy represents an elimination of their previous $75 fee for the second activation code, and brings it up to par with Adobe’s policy.

Dual Licensing Details:

The new education discounts are a special, limited-time promotion deal, according to Quark. Students and instructors can get a full running version of QuarkXPress 6.0 for $199; upgrades for $99. (The fine print says that “trade-ups” for educational licenses must be purchased at the standard retail price. I’m not quite sure what the difference is between an upgrade and a trade-up.) And Lab-Paks are now $99 a seat. Remember, it’s a limited time deal. No, they don’t mention a deadline.

Education Discount Promotion Details:

How fun it was to type that headline: “Quark Lowers Prices’. There, I did it again.

The free market at work, eh?