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All my articles, books, and podcast about Adobe InDesign aside, I still occasionally do jobs in QuarkXPress (when my client needs a QuarkXPress file back) and once in a while find myself teaching version 6.5 to 4.0 veterans. So I try to keep up with the program … my radar's always up for new information and resources to help myself and my students out.

That's why I was glad to read in Quark's newsletter, "Particles" (get it?), that there's actually a *white paper* floating around that explores printing and exporting to PDF issues with version 6.5:
QuarkXpress 6.5 Output Guide

The 30-page PDF reveals useful information for people new to 6.5, especially in regards to printing Vista-enhanced images (that's the free plug-in that lets you apply some filters and color adjustments to imported Photoshop images) and fine-tuning the Export to PDF options.

I'm not sure why the PDF is on Quark's "Euro" site and not in the U.S. site… don't they share? I nosed around euro.quark.com for a while looking for more buried treasure, but alas, couldn't come up with anything.

Other than the 6.5-specific stuff, though, there's nothing in the Output Guide that isn't already covered in more detail in my favorite Quark v6 resource, David Blatner's Real World QuarkXPress 6.0 (strange world, I know):
(by the way, those crabby reviews are mostly due to an indexing glitch that was quickly corrected)

I went back to the main www.quark.com site to see if they'd come up with any white papers on their own since the last time I looked and came up with bupkus. But I did find a convenient page listing all the free XTensions from Quark that you can download and use in your version 6.X product, like QuarkVista, Full-Resolution Preview, etc.:

I've updated my QuarkXPress Resources page with both of these resources:

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