Take Quark 7 Out for a Spin, Free

January 25, 2006 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

In case you've been busy working instead of surfing the web and reading non-essential things, you might have missed the fact that Quark has created a "public beta" of QuarkXPress 7.0 available to anyone who feels like testing it out.

It's free, it's fully enabled (yes you can print from it), and you don't need to own any previous version of QuarkXPress to run it. But since it's a beta — a close-to-final test version — expect a bit of bugginess and crashiness. It's not meant for actual production work at all, just testing. The beta expires on March 31, 2006, which hopefully means the official release will follow shortly thereafter.

To download the installer start here:

On that page you'll also find PDFs you can download detailing the new features (transparency, job jackets, OpenType support) and other useful links.

To tell Quark what you think of the beta, (or to read what others are saying), check out the Quark 7 Beta forum:

I think this is the first time Quark has ever released a public beta. Pretty cool I'd say!

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